Zaatar Pie

Lebanese traditional Zaatar Pie. If you havent try one, then is highly recommended. Made with oregano and olive oil.

Spaghetti Napolitana

 Option with vegan melted cheese in the oven. 

Vegan Quinoa Kale Burger Meal

Served with sweet potato fries or French fries

Vegan Quinoa Kale Burger

Sweet Potato Fries

With oregano

Falafel pie

Chickpeas, parsley, tomato, onion, garlic, spices servedwith tahini sauce

Fasting Pizza

Soya cheese, mushrooms, green pepper, sweet corn, olives

Quinoa Vegan Pizza

Quinoa dough(made with bio quinoa), tomato sauce, green peppers, fresh tomato, olives, oregano, artichokes vegan cheese
*contains nuts